Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is IGCSE 1 and 2 in comparison to South African schooling?

    Cambridge IGCSE level (International General Certificate of Secondary Education, equivalent to Grade 9 & 10/form 2 & 3) and Cambridge International AS Level (Advanced subsidiary- Grade 11 & 12/form 4 & 5) and A level (Advanced level).

  • What can be achieved by the end of IGCSE2?

    IGCSE: IGCSE qualifications provide a solid foundation for higher level courses such as A and AS Levels, as well as excellent preparation for employment. IGCSE has been designed to equip students with the skills needed for immediate employment. A minimum requirement for an RSA Matriculation Certificate is: 5 IGCSE + 2 AS subjects.

  • Where is Cambridge external examinations written?

    MCS Online will be using the premises of the sister school The Mountain Cambridge School, a registered Cambridge examination centre, for any students wishing to write. There will be no extra charge, excepting examination fees, for any MCS Online student to write at the Mountain Cambridge School, which is situated in Hartbeespoort, in the North-West Province of South Africa. If for any reason the Mountain Cambridge School is unavailable for the examination session or a student can not write at this venue , an alternative arrangement will be made.

  • What is the cost of the Cambridge external examinations?

    Examination fees are not included under tuition fees and are paid separately at time of entry for exams. Fees are subject to changes according to the exchange rate at time of entry. Exam fees are payable during August for the November session. Penalty fees apply for late entries.

  • How often are exams written?

    May/June or October/November Exam procedures: Question papers are sent from Cambridge and students’ scripts are returned to Cambridge for marking, ensuring a continuous high standard of education. Our main examinations are at the end of the school year in the second half of October – November. A mid-year exam session is offered by Cambridge in May/June and students wishing to upgrade results from previous examinations may re-write subjects in this session.

  • Can I pay fees in installments?

    We have termly payments.

  • Is there a discount in fees if paid in full in advance?

    No, not currently.

  • What support is offered if my child is battling with a concept?

    Our technical team will direct subject specific questions and queries to the teacher involved. We will require the teachers to be available online for live questioning at certain periods of the week/day. Students have regular weekly contact with their Adviser teacher with monthly one-on-one meetings to review goals and progress should the learner require/request it.