Fee Period

The fee period is defined as the recommended time taken to complete a given Cambridge International syllabus. For the case of IGCSE and AS subjects, this time period is set at 18 months. For A level subjects, this is set at 24 months, but recommended at 30 months. Note that an A level subject will be charged as two AS level subjects as the AS subjects are just under half of an A level.

Additional course time 

If a course is not completed in the recommended time, namely 18 months for and IGCSE and AS subject, the full fee will be required to repeat the subject. It is recommended to complete your subject in the allocated 18-month cycle, however if you may enroll for an additional 18 month cycle in order to complete the subject.

Practical subjects  

If the subject is a practical subject or has a practical component, then the following requirements must be met.

  • For IGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics the alternative to practical paper will be written instead of the practical paper.

Fee Structure

Once-off registration fee  
Fee Per Subjects R5 000
Personal development program (per 18 month cycle)
Included for free if a learner takes 6 or more subjects
R1 200

The above School Fees EXCLUDE Cambridge external exams, text books and stationery. (The Cambridge External Exam Fees are quoted in £’s and are payable on exam registration at the rate of exchange.) 

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions must be co-signed by both parents/guardian(s), confirming acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for Admission to MCS Online.